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Information Hello! Welcome to the SCCC "Saints Info" form. Please enter your information below.

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Information Let's start with your name:

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Information How about your address? We would be happy to send you the information you request. (It is not necessary to enter a date in the "Until" field.)

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Information The citizenship information will help us provide you with more accurate information.

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Information Please enter your birth date below. A birth date is required.

Prospect Birthdate
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Information Please enter your social security number below, if available.

Prospect SSN/TIN/TFN
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Information To receive information via e-mail, provide an address you will check frequently. SCCC does not provide student e-mail addresses to anyone outside of our institution.

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Information Gender information is used strictly for reporting purposes.

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Information When will you join our team? Provide a term in which you would begin attending SCCC. Fall term usually begins in mid-August, spring in mid-January, and summer at the beginning of June.

Prospect Entry Term
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Information Choose a major area of interest.

Prospect Major

Information If your high school is not found in the "look up high school code" button, provide as much information as possible in the high school fields below. If you are or were home schooled, please check the "home schooled" box.

Prospect High School
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Information How did you hear about SCCC?

How Prospect Learned About Us
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Information Tell us about your interests. To select multiple interests use Ctrl+Click for PC and Command+Click for Mac.

Prospect Interests

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